Life insurance

Upon retirement, members who have been affiliated to the life insurance scheme for at least five years prior to their retirement have the option to remain in the scheme.

The premium payable depends on age, gender and amount of insured capital and is deducted from your monthly pension.

You can:

  • modify the beneficiaries of the life insurance
  • reduce the insured capital by slices of 10 000 CHF
  • terminate the membership (no surrender value) with a 30 days notice

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Can I modify my insured capital and, if so, how?

You can only reduce your capital (30 days notice). Please complete the form and return the original, signed in ink, to the Fund's Benefits Service. 

I would like to change the beneficiaries of my life insurance. How can I do this?

You should complete the form and return the original, signed in ink, to the Fund’s Benefits Service. 

I would like to terminate my membership of the life insurance scheme. How can I do this?

Please send, by post only, a signed resignation letter (giving 30 days’ notice) to the Benefits Service.